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Warranty, Service and Repair

What is the Limited Warranty on JBL Professional products?
An electronic version of our warranty statement is available
here (Adobe Acrobat, 90kB). The warranty on JBL Professional loudspeaker products (except for enclosures) remains in effect for five years from the date of the first consumer purchase. JBL Amplifiers are warranted for three years from the date of original purchase. Enclosures and all other JBL products are warranted for two years from date of original purchase.
Harman Pro Limited Product Warranty

What does the JBL warranty cover?
Your JBL Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship. The following are not covered: damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, product modification or neglect; damage occurring during shipment; damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in your instruction manual; damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by JBL.

Who pays for what?
JBL will pay all labor and material expenses for all repairs covered by the warranty. The customer is responsible for transporting the product for repair or arranging for its transportation and for payment of any initial shipping charges. JBL will pay the return shipping charges if repairs are covered by the warranty.

What about International customers?
For customers outside of the United States, the authorized JBL Professional distributor in your country handles all warranty issues. For more information, check out the Contact Us area of our Site to locate the JBL Professional distributor in your country.

How do I obtain warranty service?
If your JBL product ever needs service you may choose from one of the following service options:

  1. We recommend you take your product to one of the over 300 service agencies throughout the United States with factory trained technicians on staff. Check out our Service Center Listing to find a JBL authorized service center near you.
  2. You may also return your product to JBL Professional for repair. All products returned to the factory for service must be returned to JBL Professional Customer Service at the shipper's expense. We highly recommend that the inoperative component(s) be removed from the enclosure and be returned to both reduce the shipping expenses and to avoid unnecessary enclosure shipping damages.On the JBL powered systems such as EON, LSR, MPro, and PRX Series. JBL recommends that you return the complete unit. Return the product to:

    For assistance with JBL Professional product repair needs
    please call 800-397-1881

    JBL Consumer manufactures products for home, car and
    computer use. You can reach them at
    or 1-800-336-4525. You can also e-mail JBL Consumer at

Whether you take the product to a local service center or return it to the factory, be sure to include the following information with your product:

  • Product model and serial number
  • Contact name
  • Telephone and fax number
  • A copy of the bill of sale or proof or purchase
  • Detailed information as to the product failure
  • Return shipping address

Do I need a return authorization to return my JBL product to the factory for repairs?
Yes. A service authorization is required and will be issued for you to
include on the packing slip and the on the outside of the box.

What happens once JBL receives the product for repair?
The failure mode and cause of failure is determined by our Senior Technician. When a copy of the proof of purchase is enclosed in the package, all failures covered under the warranty are repaired and the product is returned without any charge to the customer. JBL Professional pays for return shipping charges on failures covered under the warranty.

All failures not covered under the warranty will be charged for the repairs and shipping. JBL Professional Customer Service will fax or mail a JBL Professional Estimate of Repairs and will not proceed with the repairs until customer's reply is secured. Payment terms for repairs are payment in advance via cashiers check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

How is the warranty coverage verified?
Your JBL Warranty protects the original owner and all subsequent owners (see below) so long as:

  1. Your JBL product was purchased in the Continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska. This Warranty does not apply to JBL products purchased elsewhere except for purchases by military outlets. Other purchasers should contact the local JBL distributor for warranty information.
  2. The original dated bill of sale or proof of purchase is presented whenever warranty service is required. In lieu of the original bill of sale, JBL will accept a duplicate bill of sale issued by the selling dealer or a clear photocopy of the original bill of sale.

Is the JBL warranty transferable?
Yes. The JBL Warranty is transferable so long as the original dated bill of sale is presented whenever warranty service is required. Where the product to be repaired is no longer the property of the original owner and the original or a copy of the bill of sale cannot be provided, JBL will accept a notarized statement by the original purchaser stating the name of the selling dealer, date of original purchase, invoice or sales ticket number, model and serial number of the product including the date of transfer from the original purchaser to the subsequent owner of the product. The subsequent owner(s) of the product will pick up the balance of the warranty period based on the original dated bill of sale.

What is the warranty on repairs and replacement parts?
Products serviced by an authorized JBL Professional Service Agency are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days, or the remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is greater. The Service Agency must use JBL factory parts for this warranty to be in effect.

Why can't end users purchase cone kits?
Because replacing a driver's cone, suspension and voice coil requires special test equipment, tools and training.

Can I use a different crossover in my speaker cabinet?
No. Because each passive crossover is designed to accommodate specific loudspeaker components, changing to a different passive crossover will change the sound and response of the loudspeaker system.

Will a different driver work in my cabinet?
As certain speakers become obsolete, it is necessary to replace them with alternative product. For the best possible replacement, contact your local JBL Professional Warranty Station or Technical Support at JBL.

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